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Faites des rencontres coquines près de chez vous


Pay day

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It's so fucked up I can't use my own language.

None of me can tell, i'm like on an alien stage.

Beside you, I'm the guilty one.

Beside me, it's a freaky mess.

Why am I this, I can't guess,

All I see is now you're gone.


Close, you still are, but also damn far away,

Such as I can't find you to be able to say,

The wiseness to get over it

As I'm lost in that sad maze,

This cryptic hell of a haze.

All I did is build that pit.


You been cheated in all possible translations,

Showin' you the worse of my self destructions.

Maybe cause you been the best,

Cause I coudn't have lost more

Than the perfect friend you're.

All I can is being loved as guest.


Fuck me, I gonna pay.

Even if I find the strength

To build a new life alength,

All I know is I gonna pay.

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