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Guest dukeofmontmorency

Le temps des révisions

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Guest dukeofmontmorency

Bonsoir à toutes et à tous,

La période des examens de fin d'année approchant à grand pas (et celles des révisions devant être bien entamée déjà...), l'atmosphère particulière de cette période de la vie étudiante m'est revenue en mémoire. J'ai donc eu l'idée de créer une petite histoire d'une manière un peu différente...Je n'ai pas la prétention d'aider quiconque à réviser, mais bon, pour la raison d'être du texte on dira que si!


If there could have been a perfect finals revision story, this could have been it:

It was the end of may. My uncle and aunt, who are quite wealthy, had offered me to house-sit their property in a small village in Provence. They were going on holidays the next day and were keen to have somebody stay in their house whilst they were away.

For me, it was an ideal proposition. I could get away from the stressful surrounding of my parents and siblings and concentrate fully on my studies. I would thus be able to give my last (hopefully, last ever ;-)) exams, my best shot.

All I had to do once there, was to water some of their plants: easy!

I had not been to my relatives house since they had bought an old barn. Then, it was essentially a few old stones stacked up together which they had shown me proudly. An archaeologist dream possibly. But a dwelling! Certainly not! I had not been impressed.

However, they had been investing heavily into what was meant to be their retirement house.

From the pictures they had taken of the barn completely refurbished, I had to admit: it rocked!

If one can imagine a typical regional building from nineteenth century Provence, on the immediate outskirts of a charming village, with a large garden populated by lavender and olive trees AND a swimming pool! This is the place!

Obviously, I had answered positively to their offer and thanked them warmly.

In no time, I was ready to go. I had booked a train ticket and I would need to hitch-hike from the train station, the village being about fifteen kilometres away from it.


Two days after speaking with my uncle, I climbed off the train and found a nice chap who accepted immediately to give me a lift to the village. He was kind enough to drive me to one of my aunt friend. This was where I had to collect the keys from.

After I had rung a couple of times, a nice lady opened. She was really charming, a "yummy mummy", as some may say. She was quite apologetic for having me wait at the door.

But I did not pay a lot of attention to what she was saying: all to busy looking at her womanly curves! She was in her late thirties, maybe early forties. Petite, brown haired and gorgeous in her denim shorts and sleeveless tight-fitting top. She seemed quite toned, she must have been exercising regularly.

We had a short conversation during which my eyes kept being attracted by her beautiful cleavage (that top was a bit low, really):

-"blablabla exams, blablabla stress/revisions/hard work"

-"blablabla children away at school blablabla"

She must have noticed my peering, although I was doing my outmost to be discreet...She smiled at me every time my eyes came back to her face. I left after a couple of minutes of that polite exchange.

I was finally at the house! I opened the door and dropped my luggage.

I now had two full weeks for myself. I knew straight away that I needed to get organised properly so as to make the most of the place and revise efficiently.

Since I am more of an evening person, the schedule would be:

-Morning: sleep (not too late hopefully), do the chores (watering the plant, food shopping if needed...) and enjoy the pool!

-Afternoon: revise, revise, revise

-Evening: revise, revise, revise until I drop...

-Weekend evening: ???. Small village, far away from a proper town or city; probably some innocent fun like watching DVD's...

This being still morning, I decided to go for a dip.

After going several times through every single item in my bag, I came to the conclusion that I had forgotten my swimming trunks! What an useless brainless idiot I made!

Nevermind, it is not like I am going to a public swimming pool...My boxers will do...

After doing a few press-ups (in case somebody could see me in my pants, I wanted my muscles to appear a bit more "defined"...How stupid you can be when you are in your early twenties, the neighbours were probably out of sight and at work anyway...), I stepped out into the garden.

Suddenly, all the smells, which I had not paid attention to when I arrived, hit me like a punch in the nose! The fantastic fragrances of Provence in spring! The month had been unusually rainy until a week ago and now that the sun was shinning, the plants blossoms seemed to deliver more smell than ever!

I particularly appreciate the pin trees scent. Where I live there are not such trees, and I cannot but associate their perfume with holidays. The air was still and I could perfectly hear the hypnotising sound of the cicadas. Awesome!

I walked to the pool on a cloud. And jump in the water.

That woke me up! The water was chilly, but I soon got accustomed to it. It was pleasant in the end.

I laid on my back in the water, closed my eyes and savoured the moment. The sun beating gently on my skin, the light breeze bringing theses smells of Provence! What at delight!

I was so at ease, that could feel that I was getting aroused. I did nothing to stop that!

My mind was drifting, I was having erotic thoughts. Every part of me clearly enjoying it...

In the midst of these dreams, I heard some noise, attenuated by the water in my ears.

I rose my head above the water. I could hear somebody calling:

-"Hou-hou, is there anybody?"

A feminine voice. From where I was, I could not see the person who was probably standing by the garden door.

-"Helllllllloooooooo?". I heard the voice again.

From what I could remember, it was Deborah's (my Aunt friend who gave me the keys).

-"Yes. Who is it?"

And then, I realised that maybe I was not too keen to be seen just yet. My white boxers were not masking a lot. The wet material had turned semi-transparent and was fitting tightly against my erect organ...

And obviously, since I had been in such a hurry to go in the water my towel had been left in my bag. In the house.

What kind of useless guy goes in the water with is white underwear?

I was starting to panic now...I could not stay in the water. So I got out.

My state of arousal was all too evident.

I did a step toward the garden door whilst trying to pull on my pants in the hope that it might stop sticking so closely to my skin...In vain. My heart was racing and I did not know what to do.

I did a step back.

Then forward.

I was just behaving like a robot with a "bug" in its software...Meanwhile, my hardware was not getting any softer!

Did I hear properly? The garden door just made a clunking sound, as if closing on its own!

And steps in the gravel...Deborah probably coming in!

My oh my! What do I do?

Suddenly I saw a possible escape. A safe issue. Maybe my dignity will not be lost. THE DECKCHAIR!

In a second I was sitting on it. Legs crossed.

No, not a good idea that; crossing the legs. Everything is coming dangerously close to the elastic band...Legs close together. That's rightttttt! Now breath deeply. Come on! Relax!


That's Deborah, just appearing from behind a bush.

My heart is beating like it is going to burst through my chest. And I can feel my cheek turning red! Not good!

-"I can see that you have not lost your time!" She is coming closer...

-"Not two hours since you have arrived and you are already in the pool!" Standing a few feet away now.

I dare not move, my elbows resting on my thigh, covering my throbbing masculinity with some success...

She has a small backpack with a hose to drink from. The same kind people use when running or cycling. She looks a bit sweaty, maybe she has run. She is wearing the same clothes she had earlier on, with trainers.

-"I think your uncle left an envelope for you in my mailbox. I found it just after you left. I thought I would bring it to you after I finished my run. Here it is"

She hands me a brown envelope.

I have no choice but raising my arm to grab it. Thus loosing some much needed coverage...

I did not see her blink.

-"I really envy you. It is the perfect time for a dip. I could really do with one actually, I had a hard run"

And me a hard-on. I thought. Followed by a "can't you just go, pleeaassse" in my head.

-"I hope you don't mind" she said.

Without waiting for my answer, she took her top off and undid her shorts. She was in running bras and plain black pants in an instant.

She looks HOT! Yes, she is older than me, and yes you can see that she bore children. But gosh! She is fit!

Nooooooo! I told myself as she dived into the water...


Je m'arrête là pour aujourd'hui. Je continuerai si ca plait, mais il se fait tard...

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Lol tu n aurais pas la version pour les vieux qui ont déjà passé leurs examens mais au siècle dernier comme moi

Parce j ai du mal il ne le reste plus que des notions d anglais technique et encore ...... Je réessayerais demain

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L'histoire en elle-même est sympa, c'est bien écrit et j'ai bien rigolé à la fin. Je suis curieuse de lire la suite.

Mais sur le principe d'écrire en anglais, je ne suis pas d'accord. J'ignore quel est le but de ta démarche, mais je trouve dommage que tu te prives d'une partie de ton lectorat par le choix de l'anglais. Pour beaucoup, l'anglais n'est qu'un vague souvenir scolaire lointain, avec un niveau insuffisant pour comprendre la totalité du vocabulaire employé et des tournures parfois assez compliquées. Et d'autres n'ont carrément pas appris l'anglais, ayant pris espagnol ou allemand en LV1. Et nous sommes ici sur un forum francophone. Ceux qui veulent vraiment lire des textes en anglais en trouveront assez facilement sur le net!

Alors, vu que nous sommes en période de révisions comme tu le dis si bien, je te suggère de mettre la traduction française à la suite du texte en anglais, ça peut aider certains à s'améliorer dans la langue de Shakespeare; car si on compte sur des traducteurs automatiques (je ne citerai pas de noms), les résultats sont pour le moins folkloriques!

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Oui ce sera sympa

Tu poste ton texte on essaye pendant deux ou trois jours voir si notre anglais revient puis ensuite tu nous soulage nos souffrances en passant en vf

Comme ça tu révise ... D autre aussi et puis on peut aussi tous en profiter


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Guest dukeofmontmorency

Désolé de vous avoir imposé ça...

Je voulais essayer de faire quelque chose d'un peu différent. Bon, pas un bonne idée de le faire ainsi.

Je retourne donc à ma copie!

Le progrès c'est quand on corrige ses erreurs, non :grin: ?

A bientôt!

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chic alors tu va nous mettre la VF....stp stp


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Ben franchement moi j'ai aimé (je triche un peu j'ai vécu 1 an en angleterre) mais je dois dire que ton anglais est admirable !!

Et l'histoire est bien sympa, j'attend la suite avec impatience !!

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Je vais finir par chercher un prof d'anglais à domicile pour comprendre ce texte.....

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Guest dukeofmontmorency

Ben franchement moi j'ai aimé (je triche un peu j'ai vécu 1 an en angleterre) mais je dois dire que ton anglais est admirable !!

Et l'histoire est bien sympa, j'attend la suite avec impatience !!

Merci debo!

Cependant, je pense que Palmyre a raison. Avant la suite il va falloir que je m'attelle à la "VF"...

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Merci debo!

Cependant, je pense que Palmyre a raison. Avant la suite il va falloir que je m'attelle à la "VF"...


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